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A brother is a friend given by nature. ~ Jean Baptiste Legouve


                Max sat on the couch of his apartment, his phone in hand, and a foot crossed over to his left knee. He tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for her call. His sister would be flying over from New York, and so far, the flight had a delay, she had to do a layover in Chicago, and as far as he was concern, the airline company was avoiding his calls. When they did pick up, they indirectly answered his questions, adding more ticks to his anger count.

                The storm that just blew over had caused the plane to land for a bit again, she was now in Colorado, just a few states over from where he was. He contemplated on just driving over and picking her up, but when he thought about it, it was really inconvenient. They had already paid for her flight, and it would waste gas driving over there.

                The anxiousness built in his body and he stood up, pacing as he slid a finger across the screen of his phone to unlock it. He had opened up kik messenger and began typing in his sister’s screen name.

                SchneiderMan: Where’re you now?

He made sure his message was delivered before locking his screen. Almost instantaneously he received a reply.

                Tiff_Schnei: Just got back on the plane, storm blew over. Heading to Cali now. They said we’ll probably land around 11.

                He sighed; finally getting some answers put his nervous soul at ease. Max had been on his own in California since he was eighteen and had graduated. He moved over from New York as he gotten a contract with nickelodeon. Ever since, he’s been residing in L.A. It’s been two years since he’s been back to New York, for his busy conflicting schedule took over his life. Though, now things were finally settling down and he was getting a pretty clear schedule again.

                Having just gotten out of school for winter break, he invited his younger sister (almost two years his junior) to come out and visit him. He set up the flight, made sure she was on a good airline, paid for her tickets, and now he was just waiting on her arrival. However, things hadn’t gone quite as planned. He had made sure to tell the flights that she was an unaccompanied minor for she wasn’t quite eighteen yet. Though, when she went through security, they had messed up her information so she was stuck in New  York for an extra two hours.

                Then, her only layover in Chicago had gone terrible; for there was no service in the airport and that’s when she was suppose to give Max a call. As she boarded the airplane, the stewardess pulled her to the side and handed her the phone to talk to an anxious Max who called to check up on his sister. As the plane was flying, there was some turbulence that was abnormal for a bird was caught in the propeller. There was a storm that was brewing, so the plane had to take a “quick,” landing to remove the bird and wait for the storm to pass by.

                For nearly the entire day, Tiffany had been waiting in airports, or shifting in uncomfortable airplane seats. Her iPod was near its death, even though she had fully charged it the night before. She shut her eyes for what seemed to be five seconds, only for them to be jolted open again at the feeling of shaking. The plane ran across the runway, and she realized that they were finally landing. She turned her phone on, and the brightness of it blinded her eyes, so she put it in her pocket, waiting until it fully loaded. “Damn smartphones.” She thought.

                She exited the plane, removing her carry on as she went down the long hall that would lead to the gate. She pulled out her phone to the single vibration that signaled the phone was completely on and ready for use. Tiffany was ready to text Max, letting her know where she was, but stopped when she heard a semi-familiar voice call out her name. She pivoted on her toes, looking around to see who was calling her, and a smile crept upon her face as she met the brown eyes she grew up with.

                They did the cliché movie style ‘run and jump into each other’s arms, and whichever one is the strongest, swings the other person in a circle until they get dizzy.’ He gently placed her on her feet but he hadn’t released her from his death grip. He squeezed her tightly as she fought for air to breathe. A tiny part of him knew he was suffocating her, but he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t seen his baby sister in two years, she had grown, a lot.

                “Jesus….Max…” She breathed out in between gasps of breath. “You…trying… to.. kill.. me?” She asked as her breathing slowly evened out again.

                He gave her a cheshire smile. “Sorry.” He muttered, putting his arm around her as he grabbed her bag with his other hand and led her in the direction of the parking lot. “Geez pup, you’re so tall.” He noted. She hadn’t grown very tall for she had reached her peak, but before he left, she hadn’t even hit her growth spurt yet, so the last time he had seen her, she was a mere 4’10”. But over the past two years, she’s grown seven inches, totaling to 5’4”. She seemed short, compared to her brother who stood a little over six feet.

                “Growth spurt.” She smiled up at him. “It was a pain though.” She frowned, remembering how she had to miss a few days of school due to her growing pains, and on top of that she had shin splints. 

                “Aw, was something wrong?” He asked, a bit concerned for his baby sister. He hoped they hadn’t found anything in her body. He remembered all the tests at that age, for it was when his body was aging the quickest.

                “No,” she shook her head, a small smile to reassure him she was fine. “Growing pains.” He nodded and gave her shoulder a squeeze. A small gesture as if to say, ‘I felt your pain.’ It must’ve been in the Schneider bloodline to have growing pains, because their father remembered when he was going through puberty. His ankles would swell and he’d have pains throughout his legs.

                “I missed you.” He confessed as they stepped outside in the rain. She leaned against him, partly because she missed him, and because she was using him to shelter her from the wet drops of rain.

                “Missed you too.” She hugged him slightly as they picked up their pace. Their silence was soothing, and it seemed it had been ages since the pair has seen each other.

                They reached his small four door Honda and he turned the heat on for his tiny sister, then handed her a towel to dry off. “So…. Nice weather we’re having…” He said awkwardly, though it only caused them to laugh aloud. There wasn’t much that was awkward between the two. Well… except when their father sat them both down, when Max was eighteen, and she was sixteen, for “the talk.” The two were sitting there, staring with wide eyes as their father made them view graphic diagrams and slip condoms onto bananas.

                “Wanna hear a song I’m working on?” He asked, looking over at his sister who had her legs crossed in the seat. She gave him a slight nod, letting him know he had her approval. He connected his iPod to the outlet in his car and turned the sound up on the radio. She listened to the reality in his lyrics and shut her eyes as she paid close attention to it, because she knew after the song ended he would ask her thoughts about it.

                The instrumental faded out, signaling the song’s completion. When she opened her eyes, she saw her brother with one hand on the wheel and his eyes were focused on the road. Surprisingly enough, she had expected many people to be out at night, since L.A. is a big city and all, but she only took notice of a few cars.

                “What’d you think?” He asked, wanting to know his sister’s opinions on things. Something they’ve always done since they were younger, gotten each other’s consult.

                He was a great singer, but his sister had the golden ear. “I liked it, could be a little faster, but it’s great, the lyrics, I like the piano in the back.”

                Max smiled, “That’s Kurt.”

                “Oh, the amazing long lost brother I’ve got to meet right?” Though they couldn’t see each other in person, they managed to keep in touch through texts and social networking sites.

                “Oh yeah! We can go see him tomorrow, you’ll love him.” She was sure she would, I mean, if Max liked him, she would too. She usually liked everyone he did, with the exceptions of girlfriends. She was never too fond with girls around her brother. You’d think she was the older sibling with the way she was so protective over him.

                “I’m tired.” She whined, shutting her eyes. With his free hand, he reached over and clutched her hand, just to ease her. He knew that she was a grouch when she was tired; it was like they were children all over again. She was the tiny infant who needed her brother to comfort her.

                “We’ll be home soon, I kinda didn’t set up the guest room yet, but you can crash in my room.” He gave her a guilty smile. He had been worrying about her whereabouts all day, and instead of putting together the guest room like he said he would do, he practically paced a hole into the rug.

                “Bleh.” She stuck her tongue out, poorly pretending like she was dead. It caused Max to chuckle.

                He finally pulled up to his apartment complex and parked the car in the garage. He took her duffle bag and slung it over his shoulder as he went over to his sleeping sister. He knew he could carry her, but because he had the duffle, he didn’t want to push his luck, and possibly drop her.

                “Wakey, wakey.” He poked and prodded at her, when she only groaned and shifted a bit, he thought, ‘poor thing. She must be really worked out.’ He shook her a bit and her eyes fluttered open, revealing her emerald orbs, inherited from their maternal side.

                She took a deep breath before composing herself and realizing that they were at their destination. “Let’s go.” He held his hand out for her to take, and he guided her out of the car. She walked slightly ahead of Max – he made her so that he could keep an eye on her. When they got to his apartment, he opened and put her duffle near the couch in his living room. “It’s small, but it works.” He said as she looked around. It was smaller than their house in New York, but it was perfect size for someone living solo.

                She was a bit more awake by now. The rain had eased up a couple of minutes into their drive away from the airport. “Can I take a shower?” Max nodded and flicked his head in the direction of the bathroom.

                “I already got your brands.” He had texted her last week and asked if she needed any necessities while he was at the store so she wouldn’t have to go around smelling like a man.

                “Thanks.” She leaned down to hug him and then in one swift movement, her duffle was hanging off her shoulder and she headed into the bathroom.

                Tiffany cleansed her body of the ick she had built up from hopping states and switching planes. She cleaned her hair of the nasty germs she picked up from sitting in a seat that millions of other people have probably sat in too. She exfoliated her pores and then deemed her shower done. She stepped out and used Max’s hair dryer so that her hair was only less than semi-wet. She changed into her pajamas; a faded cornflower blue superman shirt, and black pajama pants. She tucked her phone into the waistband of her shorts, and brushed the tangles from her hair. She brushed her teeth, and flossed (though she hadn’t eaten much.)

                “Took long enough princess.” Max teasingly said.

                She stuck her tongue out and sat beside him on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her. He kissed the top of her head before his nose was assaulted with a familiar scent. “…Did you use my shampoo?” He asked, taking a whiff of her hair.

                Her eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t remember….” She frowned. She hope she hadn’t, she didn’t want to smell like her brother, though she did enjoy the scent.

                He laughed boisterously, “We should get you to bed.” She was obviously way too tired, and he was just looking out for her well being. He was lenient about rules with his sister, because he remembered what it was like to be a teenager, but his parents would kill him if their daughter didn’t return in one piece. As far as they were concern, when Max had asked to bring her over, they were putting Tiffany in his care. 

                Max slipped an arm under the backside of her knees and the other lifted her up, she burst out in fits of giggles as he threw her up in the air. “You better not drop me.” She complained, and he picked up the hints of tiredness in her voice.

                “What if I do?” He dropped her several inches causing her to squeal.

                “Max!” She clung on to him for dear life, though a part of her knew he would never drop her.

                “I’m kidding, pup.” Their parents’ referred to them as a pack of wolves when they were younger, so she was nicknamed pup, being that she was his junior.

                “You’re mean.” She whined into his chest, and he gave her a hug before placing her gently on his bed. She climbed under the covers as he took off his t-shirt and put it on his dresser. He went into his closet to change into some sweatpants.  Normally he’d sleep in his boxers, but it was a cold night. She used to sleep with him when she was younger and had nightmares, so she didn’t really mind if he slept in boxers or not. He wasn’t some crush she had, he was her brother.

                “Loooooove you snooookums.” He climbed into the bed, putting her in a headlock and rolling around in the bed. Their maturity always seemed to plummet when they were together. They were wrestling, when she gave out a yawn and they settled down. She turned in the bed so that she was looking out the window. Outside Max’s window were a streetlight, and a few trees. She turned back the other way, hiding her head in the pillow to avoid the shadows. Ever since she was young and had watched “Chuckie,” with Max, she grew an immense fear of shadows and the dark. What are even worse are shadows that move. Max picked up what she was doing and closed the blinds, though it was windy so they blew about creating some shadows with noises of rustling.

                She buried her face into his fluffy, cold pillow and so as he climbed back into bed, he put a protective arm around her, and immediately the nerves shooting up and down her body ceased and the goosebumps faded away. He ran his fingers through the end of her hair as it fanned out across the pillow. He threw his heavy comforter over her, making sure she was tucked in tightly. “G’night Tiffany.” He said as he breathed steadily.

                “’night  Maxie.” She muttered into the pillow, sleep was slowly beginning to steal her in. 

                “Sleep well.”

                Her heavy eye lids shut and she yawned. “Don’t let the alligators bite.” She said tiredly. It was an inside joke they had formed when they used to watch the Steve Irwin on Animal Planet before bed.

                “Never, ever crocodile.” He sighed as he slowly let himself slip into the abyss of sleep. It was nice to have his sister’s presence. 


It was a gigantic stage, with fantastic props and amazingly talented dancers, and I was ready to walk through the side stage into the dimmed spotlight to experience what would be the best experience of my life.

Soon enough, the music that the elegant dancers were dancing to had faded away and one by one each of the dancers flourished their arms and swept off the stage. Then came my cue of a soft melodic song beginning. As I slowly walked onto the stage from the right stage exit, wearing my long, bright coral gown, he entered from the left stage exit in a striking black suit.

I stopped midstage and watched as he continued to walk towards me and reached for my hand.

“Presenting Gissella Garcia and Max Schneider…”

The beginning of ‘It Will Rain” began and the spotlight settled on Max and me. As he began to sing with his golden voice, my knees buckled at the sweet beckoning of his voice… when it came my turn to sing, I turned to him and looked him right into his beautiful eyes and sang with all my heart.

When the song ended and the music began to fade, the crowd stood up and applauded loudly while Max stared at me intently and began to slowly lean towards me and just as our lips brushed —-


“HRPPPHMGGGHH.” I rolled over and threw my pillow at my screaming sister. Why did it whenever I was at the best part of a dream, something ALWAYS HAD to ruin it. But then again, my dream was impossible anyways. I mean, why would Max, the most popular guy in school notice ME? I was just a part of the sea of girls fantasizing over a possibility of Max noticing one of us.

I got up and sat at the side of my bed, covering my face with my hands. I had a feeling that this would be a bad day.

*10 minutes later*

I ran downstairs and tried to look for my car keys, but of course I misplaced them… again. I went to the kitchen and sure enough, my keys were hanging from the coat hanger. As I rushed to stuff my keys into my bag and put my shoes on, my mom began pestering me to eat some breakfast.

“Honey. Come sit down and have some breakfast!”

“MOM, I have to get to school. I have 10 minutes before I’m late” I groaned and tried to rush out of the door, but of course my mom grabbed me by the arm, pulling me back from the door.

“You have to eat something. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! At least get a BANANA!” She grabbed a banana from the counter and handed it to me.

“My gosh… MOM. I’m not a baby anymore, or a monkey nonetheless. You don’t have to feed me. I can take care of myself.” I reluctantly took the banana and stuffed it into my bag and flew out of the door.

When I got to my car, my little sister, Jessica, was already next to the car, glaring at me.

“You know the only reason why I ride to school with you is because we go to the same school, but at this rate, I think I’d rather walk.” She scowled at me and grumpily got into the car.

As I got into the driver’s seat, I looked over at Jessica and tried to joke around with the girl… she was too serious sometimes. “Hey lighten up. Why are you being such a grouch? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?”

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, obviously giving me the silent treatment. Tired of this routine, I started the car and began the trip to school.

As I parked in front of Antarasik High School, I saw people shuffling into the large building.

“GREAT. Now we’re late. “ Jessica angrily grumbled and pushed her way from my car and ran towards the double doors. She hated being late for things.

I struggled to grab my stuff as quickly as possible and sprinted toward the high school.

As I ran through the hall, I slipped into my Chemistry class hoping my teacher hasn’t taken roll or noticed that I wasn’t present yet.

“Glad you finally decided to join us, Miss Garcia. Now find an open seat. We’re going to work with partners today.” Mrs. Castro sternly looked at me and nodded her head towards a seat in the back.

As I bowed my head in shame, I quickly walked to the seat in the back and sat down. As I put my head down onto the tabletop, I heard someone clearing his throat. So as I slowly raised my head, I came face to face with Max Schneider.

“GURGLE GIRRRRRRGLE HMRYGHSA.” I was so nervous and surprised that I wasn’t able to speak.

“Hi to you too. Urm… can I ask you something?” He looked at me with his delicious chocolate brown eyes and smiled sweetly.

“O-o-of course!” I began to feel my face turning red and tried to smile enchantingly.

“Do you mind moving? Your seat is on my foot and you’re kind of crushing it.” He gestured towards his left foot and shrugged apologetically.

“OH MY GOSH. I’M SO SO SO SORRY!” I jumped up from my seat and as I did, I accidently knocked over one of the chemicals we were supposed to work with and of course, the one thing that I dreaded happened. The chemical fell over and went on Max’s lap.

Max jumped up and tried to wipe it down with a napkin, but it just stained more. As I began to profusely apologize, he looked at me and gave me a strained smile.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it, I’ll just go to the restroom to wash it off.” But just as he finished his sentence, his pants began to sizzle and I soon realized that his pants were starting to disintegrate. Horrified, I pointed at his pants and jumped up and down frantically.

When the teacher finally realized what was happening she grimaced and called the nurse to come check on Max just in case he got any of that chemical on his skin.

Of course… I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to sit with the cutest boy in this world and even be his chem partner, but I had to ruin it by crushing his foot with my chair and spill a nasty chemical on his pants. I’m so screwed. I slumped back down in my chair and rubbed my face, trying to make myself feel a little better.

I knew today would be a horrible day, but I didn’t think it would b THIS bad.

Chapter 1- Nothing Gets Better Than This
*Thanks for reading this first chapter! Stay tuned for the second upcoming chapter! So excited for ya’ll to read it! ~Sovy <3


                Max shifted uncomfortably as he sat at his window seat looking out over the city. He wouldn’t have been in this predicament if it wasn’t for his mother and Michelle’s mother’s constant begging. He was planning on spending his Thanksgiving alone, in California. But his mother invited Michelle’s family to dinner, and they insisted he come and visit. It had been a little over six months since he’s seen Michelle at the pond. A little over four months since they’ve broken up. Max didn’t want to see Michelle, hell; he didn’t want to even be in the same room with her. She moved back to New York, while he moved into a new apartment closer to work.

                He had heard – through twitter and facebook – that she was with another man. She moved on rather quickly, and it wasn’t Luke. While he was choked up and could barely speak, she was out and about socializing with other men. He bet she was sleeping like a baby, while he was up all night, thinking about her. He lost countless nights of sleep, just simply thinking about her.

                “Hello?” The voice over the phone had sounded groggy; he felt a little twinge in his chest because he had woken her.

                “I need your help.” He sounded so desperate that she could almost see his big brown eyes begging for her advice. Over the past few months, she was the only one that was able to help him cope. She was the one staying up til 3 am on the phone with him until he fell asleep. She was his friend through it all. His rock.

                “Max, are you alright?” She was more attentive. He heard the shuffling through the phone of her sitting up in bed. “Max?” She asked again, when he hadn’t answer.

                “Ash…” he was distressed, he needed her presence. He said he was fine now, but in two weeks, when he landed in New York, he wouldn’t be able to handle it alone, and he knew it. “Come with me to New York.” He said, as opposed to asking.

                “What?” Of all the things he’s ever asked her to do, this would have to be the craziest. She had an immense fear of heights, so imagine her on an airplane, thousands of feet off the ground. The furthest she had ever been off the ground was when she jumped on a counter to avoid a cockroach. “Max, I love you; I really do, but absolutely not!” She loved him as a friend, nothing more.

                “Please Ashley. Please. I – I can’t do it alone…” They had a lengthy conversation of him going to New York last night as she talked him to sleep. She supported and encouraged him going back home, but he couldn’t muster up the courage to go alone. He needed a friend in it all. After all, Michelle and her new beau were going to be there.

                He grimaced thinking of it. How dare she? Michelle seemed happy, and that’s all he wanted for her, but how could she be so inconsiderate? Did she only think of herself? What about Max’s feelings? Was he just suppose to push two years of memories aside and watch another man make her happy? He didn’t understand how his mother, how Michelle, how Michelle’s mother would do that to him. Put him a room just to see him suffer.

                He could practically see Ashley shaking her head through the phone. “Max, I can’t!” She whined. Ashley was had a few phobias, flying was one of them, though they do say it’s the safest way to travel. She’s got a germ phobia, and not to mention anything-loud phobia. He had remember all the nights he stayed up with her because the thunder from storms had scared her, so technically, she owed him.

                “Ash, you won’t be alone… I’ll be right beside you. I promise, but I need you there with me. Because like you, I can’t do it by myself.” Ashley, the least selfish person he’s known was the first on his list to accompany him back home. She was a mutual friend of both him and Michelle so it would make things less awkward. She was actually their first friend when they came to California.

                “Max…” She sighed. “Ugh! If that plane crashes, and we don’t die, I’ll kill you myself.” A small smile tugged at his lips because he knew she’d give in.

                “No you won’t, you love me too much.” He teased.

                “Keep up that damn attitude and I won’t be going anymore.” She snapped, causing him to smile.

                “You already agreed, no takesy backsy.” They fought like children. It was her immaturity that attracted Michelle and Max to her. She never ceased to be fun, she reminded them much of a child. Pure, fun, and yet naïve.

                She rolled her eyes, as if he could see her, and spat back, “I made that rule, and I can obliterate it.” It was just her choice of diction that separated her from children.

                “You didn’t make the rule.” He scoffed.

                “Yes I did.” She scowled.

                “No you didn’t.” He opposed.

                “Yes, I did.”

                “The rule is older than you are.”

                “No it’s not!” She was two years Max’s junior, so he took it upon himself to constantly remind her. 

                He chuckled, “Yes it is.”

                “Ugh! I give up!”

                The sudden thunder that struck caused Ashley to jump and drop the phone. Max laughed boisterously as he knew what had happened. He heard her whine through the phone. She reached down and quickly picked up the phone before jumping into bed. The twenty year old hid under her covers. It might’ve been a bit immature of her, but everyone’s got their flaws.

                “Maaaax..” She pouted.

                He grabbed his pillow, blanket and, a flashlight just in case the power shut off like it had last week. Ashley could never sleep through storms, and since she spent so many nights staying up late with him, he figured he’d return the favor. He stayed on the phone, and through they didn’t exchange words, hearing each other breathe was soothing. “Open the door.” He said as he made it down the hall to where her apartment was. He didn’t have to be on the phone with her to hear her shuffling around inside, he heard something dragging as she neared the door. When it was open, he saw a tail from her blanket on the floor. She looked so innocent, like a child.

                He didn’t understand why her father would allow her to get an apartment out on her own in the city. He knew her father first hand, he worked with him on many occasions down at the studio. Back when Max and Michelle were together, they even went to Ashley’s high school graduation. She was an aspiring actor though, and so she moved out to the city where she could experience things first hand on her own. But that still didn’t explain why her father was so easy about letting her go.

                Max had envisioned kids in his future many times. A wonderful little boy, with brunette curly hair just like he. And a little princess with buoyant curls that fell to her shoulders. He was pretty sure that when he had a daughter, he’d never let her go. She’d be the little apple of his eye, and he’d protect her with all his might.

                He had that same protectiveness over Ashley. She was like a little sister to him, still young, still yet to experience heart break. She was too pure for her own good, he thought.

                “Thanks.” She muttered into the receiver of the phone, though she didn’t need to.

                “You’re welcome.” He smiled, talking into the phone as well. The two laughed and hung up their handheld phones before placing it in the bowl on the counter that bordered the kitchen and hall that led to the living room as they walked past it. He looked her up and down, and saw her in a large t-shirt, probably her brother’s and some long pajama pants. The night was rather cold so her attire was appropriate. He never did mind what she was wearing, it didn’t bother him.

                He laughed as he took in her look. Her hair was a bit tousled, probably from when she was asleep earlier. He could tell from the way her eyes drooped that she was tired, but was having trouble sleeping. She always crinkled her nose when she hadn’t gotten a good night’s sleep, and because she had been doing it all day, he was sure she was tired.

                “Sleep well?” He asked, knowing that even if he hadn’t called, she’d still awaken when that first boom of thunder hit.

                She shook her head ‘no,’ as she took a seat on the couch. Another reason he liked her. She was honest. If you asked most girls how they slept, you most likely wouldn’t get a straight forward answer. He sat beside her, wrapping her in her own blanket. The heavy rain was soothing to him, while it was daunting to her. She leaned her head on his shoulder as he leaned back against her couch. The lightning struck and she shut her eyes quickly. The thunder that sounded couple of seconds after startled her.

                He hugged her tightly. “It’ll be alright Ashley, it’ll be fine.” He reassured her, returning the almost exact words she’s given him so many times before. He knew calling her would be the right thing. She always made things better; she was exactly what he needed, without even knowing it herself. Somehow, being with her, made him forget about Michelle. Her being scared, gave him the opportunity to happiness. She was his constant, she was his rock. 


I curled up in my bed wrapped in one of Max’s white tee shirts he’d left over here yesterday. The numbers on the clock changed, now reading 1:30. I tried to sleep, but yesterday’s event kept running through my head. We’d always been best friends, Max and I, we grew up together. Yesterday, however, had been different, alot different.

We were out in the woods behind my house, and we’d packed a picnic. One of our little dates, as we called them. Once we were done eating we hiked to our spot, a place where the trees cleared and flowers covered the ground in the spring. The sun was beginning to set when I looked over and locked eyes with Max. Before I knew what was happening he was kissing me and I was kissing him back, his hands through my straight locks, my hands clutching at his brunette curls. Then I realized what was happening. Max, he was my best friend, I was not going to jeopardize that. I pulled away, grabbing up my things from the ground and rushed back to my house.

2:00 am. I hear something beating on my window and roll out of bed. Carefully, I peek through the blinds and notice Max standing there, rocks in hand, occasionally chucking one at my window.

I threw up the window and realized that it was raining. Was he insane?

“What the hell are you doing!?” I shouted to him, where he stood, drenched, below my window. He pushed a soaked curl from his brow and flashed a huge smile up at me.

“Come down here, Mace! I need to talk to you.” He projected his voice over the sound of the rain as it began to pour harder.

I closed the window and grabbed an umbrella, slowing creeping down the stairs, I made my way outside. When I got to Max, he was standing below a tree, making an effort to shield himself from the rain.

“I was trying to sleep tonight, but I couldn’t, not with what happened yesterday. I want to know why you left and tell you some things that I need you to know.” He said as he wrapped his hands around my waist, pulling me closer.

“I…I don’t know what to tell you, you’re my best friend and…I…I just..i dont know.” My voice trailed off, leaving nothing but the wind howling between us.

“I don’t want to be just your best friend. I want to be your one and only, the one that you call when you need to talk, the one you grow old with. I love you, Macey. It’s always been you.” He took my face in his hands and I didn’t resist when he leaned in to kiss me.

The umbrella fell from my hands and rain began to drench both of us as he kissed me long and hard. It was amazing.


I wrote this today! It’s inspired by Max’s cover of Breakeven, originally by “The Script,” I hope you all enjoy it! lemme know what you think!! 


Breakeven, Max Schneider one shot

                Max stood in front of the pond, his ukulele hanging from the strap around his neck. He took two steps away from his former girlfriend. His well defined cheekbones shimmered from the full moon that casted over the two.

                “Max,” Michelle called out. Her voice was raspy, and hoarse from the crying she’s done from the hours before they met.

                He kept his gaze out on the pond, watching as it rippled from the wind that blew.

                “Max,” she called out again, “please look at me.” She pleaded, though he didn’t budge. His eyes never moved away from the pond, for he felt if he looked at her, he too would break out in tears.

                Max and Michelle have ended their two year relationship all due to some infidelities on her behalf. She hadn’t meant to go out with Luke; she didn’t mean to let him kiss her. It was all in her intentions to break it off with him, to tell him they could never be together because she was with Max. She meant to tell Max about it, before he found out. But it was too late, news spread through the internet quicker than a wildfire.

                Max couldn’t bare look at Michelle. She was the first woman to break his heart, they were high school sweethearts. When she moved to California, he went with her. She was the reason he pursued his dreams as an actor. She was his reason for life, and now she ended it. How could he look at her and just forget everything they shared?

                He still remembered their first kiss. It was a spontaneous thing, the reason for their relationship.


They were working on a project for photography class. They took a drive down to Coney Island and snapped photos of what they thought “love,” was. Love for fun, love for family, just what perceived as love.

                They took several rides on rollercoasters, and wasted money on pointless games. Max had even won her a fluffy brown bear that Michelle to this very day, still kept in the corner of her bed. They were walking alongside the boardwalk, alongside crowds of other couples. They hadn’t notice how much they a couple until a pair of love birds approached them talking about true love. The woman, who seemed to be in her late eighties, cooed to her husband how much they reminded them of their youth. Max had asked to take their picture before heading off to continue their walk.

                Max and Michelle took a seat on the sand that was already beginning to cool as the sun set. Their shoes sat in a pile beside them. Michelle took a photo of the sunset and reviewed the photo before saving it to the camera. “I had a lot of fun today.” Michelle said, leaning closer to Max.

                He smiled down at her, “I did too.” He confessed.

                “I’m really glad Ms. Olsen paired us up together..” She blushed, her face turning the same pinkish hue as the sky. His insides melted, he thought it was cute, she blushing.

                “I am too.” He said.

                She giggled, “Is that all you’re gonna do? Agree with me?” She asked, and feeling a bit more confident and comfortable around him, she looked up to see his big brown orbs staring right back at her.

                “Well what do you want me to do?” A small smile tugged at his lips.

                She looked away, not answering. And he could see the tiny smirk she had on her face as she traced her fingers in the sand.

                Max moved his hand as it was beside him, and grabbed her chin, with his other hand, he clutched her cheek softly and turned her to face him, he leaned in quickly, letting their lips collide. In Michelle’s mind, fireworks exploded as that’s what she had been waiting for. Their lips sucked hungrily against each other.

                She pulled away, only because she had to breathe.  Her chest heaved heavily and her lips were swollen from the single kiss they shared. Her fingers touched her soft lips ever so slightly still feeling the small electric shocks.

                “I enjoyed that.” Max smiled cockily.

                “I did too.” She confessed.


                “Max,” her gentle voice pulled him out of his gaze. He shook his head as if it’d shake the thought away. But when he closed his eye he could still see the pink hue of her cheeks and the soft feel of her lips against his. But the longer he shut his eyes; his visions soon became tainted with her lips against Luke’s.

                His eyes snapped open, and Michelle forced herself to look up at him. All she could see were his eyes glistening from the moonlight, and the tears that flooded his eyes. Tears began pricking her eyes and it was only seconds before they began falling again. She tried her best to be as quiet as possible, because she knew he hated it when she cried.

                “Michelle, please.” He pleaded, and though his voice was gentle, it hit her like a ton of bricks.

                Her soft cries became sobs. She felt like he wanted nothing to do with her anymore, and she couldn’t handle it. A life without Max.

                He wanted nothing more than to hold her like he used to when she would cry. He wanted to run his fingers through her jet black hair and whisper in her ear that everything would be alright. But it was a lie. All of it, she wanted another man while all he wanted was her. He had never asked for much, never demanded anything. So it baffled him as to why she wanted out.

                She hadn’t meant for Luke to be anything more than a co-star. But she got her personal life mixed up with the work on set. She had gotten her real feelings intertwined with the feelings their characters were to portray. She called Luke up to meet to tell him to leave her alone, but it didn’t go as planned. Instead, it had led to a “second date.” Their second date had led to a walk home. Their walk home led to a goodnight kiss. And the goodnight kiss led to a dagger in her and Max’s relationship.

                She had reached out but as her finger grazed his, he flinched back. His fist tightened, and he closed his eyes and took one deep breath before opening them again.

                “I’m so sorry.” She cried out, falling to the ground for she was certain he wanted nothing to do with her.

                He reached out wanting to pull her up into his arms, but then thought of Luke, and so he backed up. He shook his head, “I’m sorry too Michelle.” He took a step back. “I – I can’t, I’m sorry.” He whispered and walked away to his car that was parked behind hers.

                He wiped the single tear that slid down his cheek before starting up his car. The clenching in his chest didn’t cease but as he took another breath, it was beginning to become numb. The radio hummed its music softly and it reflected his feelings so accurately.      

                “No it don’t break even…” He agreed to the song as he drove in the darkness of the night.